From experience, Sylvain knows that most people do not like to be photographed. Whether you need a simple headshot, corporate portrait or family portrait, in studio or on location, Sylvain can help you make this an enjoyable and painless experience. Choosing a concept is always fun to create a family portrait or single images that tell a story.
Location photography is hard to do well. You must be knowledgeable and experienced with multiple lighting situations. Every location has its own inherent challenge when it comes to ambient indoor lights mixed with studio lights demanding expert skills to know where to place the lights and just how much light to add.
In this digital age anyone can take a picture but not everyone can create an image. Sylvains photos are powerful and a great selling tool. From web social media to printing up to billboard size, his photographs establish a promotional foundation for advertising your look for your business creating images needed for success.
Sylvain also studied Advanced Photoshop Techniques at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. So many images on the web, taken by inexperienced photographers, look flat. Sylvains unique skills encompass simple retouching that looks natural to total image manipulation or photomontage.