In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, tucked away in the artistic community, sits a 2700 square foot New York style studio with fun and friendly appeal.  Pleasant surroundings in a quiet, friendly “city inside the city” make this studio the perfect location for local Fort Lauderdale shoots, whether it is still photography or motion work. The studio features a lounge area, two makeup stations, a 12-foot ceiling with two indoor shooting locations, 12 color paper backdrops to choose from, studio lighting from a pentagram railing system and one outdoor sunny terrace with 20-foot white walls using the south and west sunlight.

Studio lighting classes available.


  • 2 makeup station
  • 4x750 watt Bowen lights
  • 1 Ring flash
  • 1 Beauty dish
  • Pentagram railing lighting system
  • Live shooting (Tethered) with a 30inch monitor on rolling cart
  • Snout with grid
  • Multitude of light modifiers, diffuser, grids, etc
  • X-Small to X-Large Soft boxes with grids, strip boxes
  • Color gels
  • V-Flats
  • Plexi-glass
  • 12 Apple boxes
  • 12 color paper backdrops to choose from
  • 2 Shooting location with different backdrops
  • Indoor shooting with sunlight from very large windows
  • Blackout curtains
  • Private enclosed balcony with two 20ft tall white walls with synthetic grass or white floor
  • Private bathroom and shower
  • Full kitchen

Studio Lighting/photography classes?