Fashion_2x3Sylvain had his start in photography 20 years ago using a medium-format film camera that helped him to advance his skills to become a better photographer. In the pre-digital days you had to get the image perfect you couldnt rely on post processing. Fashion photographers have to get their images as close to perfect from the start, avoiding the photographers dirty catchphrase – Ill fix it in Photoshop.

From Sylvains experience there are many crucial elements to fashion photography.

From Sylvains experience as a nature and landscape photographer, using the surrounding environment has always been an added plus for a location shoot, or in-studio using visionary finesse by combining intriguing lighting with cutting edge post-processing techniques and creative concept, are equally important, you also need creative and determined art-partners, make-up artists and hair stylists that are innovative and also passionate about what they do. This, combined with directing the model to create magic, is all part of the essence of fashion photography. Creating new concepts and trying new things is something Sylvain always enjoys.