Weddings & Events

Event_2x3Through style and approach, Sylvain artistically documents the essence of the event. His photographs are sensitive and spontaneous – often with a lighthearted edge – and go beyond common, staged portraits and simplistic “look here and smile” imagery. Anticipating and following the action rather than leading it, Sylvain prefers to observe the event day rather then direct it, his style can vary from candid and spontaneous to photojournalism. For formal photography, many of Sylvain’s clients book him because of his low-key approach, they can get on with having their day with out worrying about formal photography. There are occasions when clients do want formal and family pictures, and Sylvain is more then happy to accommodate their requests.

Sylvain is the usually the sole photographer. In his experience and based on extensive feedback, a lot of his clients prefer to have only one photographer at their smaller event. Guests are more comfortable as the feeling of intrusion into the event is lessened. In a larger event Sylvain has other photographer available for an aditional cost, he usually does not work with a videographer. From his own personal point of view, videos capture time in someone’s life, photographs captures precious moments. All images are of highest resolution, Sylvain utilizes top of the line cameras and equipment.