Boudoir_2x3The Female Form is Art

Boudoir photography is all about loving yourself, exploring your sensual side and bringing out your best features. A boudoir photography session can be whatever you want. I have mastered the techniques to visually create your vision and fantasy. It can be glamorous, classic Hollywood and sleek or more vintage, sassy-sexy and retro. Women come in all shape and sizes and by using lighting, framing and posing I will make you look your absolute best. I have photographed hundreds women from all walks of life including athletes, models and business women staging the sessions in hotel rooms, private homes and outdoors.
I want to show women how beautiful they really are by photographing them. As a professional photographer, I will create boudoir photos that will open your eyes and show you a vision of yourself that you wont see in a mirror, in a selfie or even in photos taken by a friend using an expensive camera. A definite step out of your comfort zone, but the result is incredible. Women come out of the shoot feeling more confident and there is no way around that!
Some spend thousands on a purse that will last a season or hundreds on a painful pair of shoes. Unlike these things, your photo session is painless and will make you feel more beautiful and confident. Your boudoir experience will not age; it will only become more meaningful with time.


Reasons for a Boudoir Session:
Reaching a fitness goal, Self-Love and Self-Confidence, a Birthday/Christmas, Anniversary Gift for your husband or loved one, a Wedding Day present


Boudoir Attire Ideas:
His button down shirt and tie, pajama top or bottom, or jersey.
Little black or red dress.
Stilettos or high heels
Lingerie, sexy bra and panties
Wet tee-shirt!
Pearl necklaces or your favorite accessories.
Luxurious blankets and fabrics
Blind fold, silk gloves